Easy Access

Easy access to our virtual assitants via email, online chat services, phone or video conferencing.


Assignment of a personal manager over every individual project means clients have a flexible and convenient liaison to communicate with and direct.


We have team members specifically tasked with finding dynamic ways to maximize efficiency- so we’re always at the top of our game and yours.

Diversified Skills

Strict hiring criterion means clients are getting the most adaptable workers ranging from back office support to graphic design. In turn, clients can have diverse projects completed in shorter time frames.


Trained to use state-of-art security software and rest assured that our team members are more than equipped to handle all your sensitive information.

Ethical Business

Our company values transparency and equality. Clients’ business help develop the careers of brilliant young minds and bring economic stimulation and growth to a country ripe with opportunity.

Work we're proud of
Get a first-hand look at the graphics we’ve created for our clients.
What clients are saying

Building an offshore team significantly reduced our operating costs. [TBPO staff members] have become a part of our team. They constantly deliver as expected… and even more.

Joe S.
Graphic Designer / Programmer

Awesome and friendly staff. Made us feel that there’s always an extra hand available anytime.


Outsourcing our support process gives our company the flexibility to focus on our company’s target goals. Trusting that there’s always a team working on the essentials gives us assurance that we can always achieve the best. Trinity BPO has become our partner in success.

Howard C.

TBPO has been a contributing partner in our successful business operations. The time difference increases our capacity to operate to almost 24 hours a day which allows us to maximize each work day. Our BPO team is an organic extension of our US office. The support we receive from BPO enables us to confidently delegate and focus on business activities that generate the greatest returns.

Shaun P.

We entrusted the nitty-gritty operations to our existing virtual team which has ehanced our major business process. Results have been amazing!

Paul M.
General Manager

Virtual outsourcing plays a key role in our day-to-day operations. Trinity BPO significantly helps us maximize our potential by allowing us to focus more on strategic management than on operational details.

Jason L.
Operation Manager
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