Who We Are
TrinityBPO is an outsourcing company based in the Philippines, specializing in vertical markets and e-commerce. We offer our clients the services they need at a fraction of the cost- all while having the freedom to direct and manage their local staff. With our new delivery options, our clients have even more flexibility to streamline their business processes. Our commitment is to helping our clients meet all their business goals; we’re confident we’ll exceed expectations once our clients experience all the benefits outsourcing can provide.

Our Mission

We’re committed to maximum efficiency at a minimal cost. We provide flexible outsourcing services that allow clients to customize their production processes and use internet technology to face, head-on, the dynamic forces shaping modern industries.

Our Team

Passion, dedication, integrity, and skill are the most important attributes we search for when selecting candidates for our team. Our workers are not only able to quickly adapt to tasks, they are are above all customer-oriented.


We’re constantly looking for talented individuals who want to develop and share their skills in a challenging environment.

About Us

Our Conception

In 2006, Justin Lee, CEO and President of Golfio (Golfio.com), was faced with a complication: as businesses around him were outsourcing to lower their costs, he wanted to maintain the high level of skill and professionalism expected of his workers. During a trip to the Philippines, Justin met Ronald Santos, former manager of an elite semiconductor company, and was amazed by the fresh attitudes and efficiency of the workers Ronald presided over. Justin decided to outsource most of his key business processes. His firm has been thriving ever since.


Our Values in Motion

Here at TrinityBPO, we tap into the high-performance culture of our Filipino workers and hone their skills to offer you, the client, a malleable workforce competitive with its American counterpart. Our workers are trained to adapt to the needs and requirements of any project given to them. All you have to do is provide us with the type of work you need, and we will seamlessly tailor our workers to become an integral part of your team- at a fraction of the cost.

TrinityBPO’s foremost priorities are maximizing our clients’ success and providing opportunities to the people of the Philippines. We combine a selective hiring process with our commitment to the professional growth of our employees, leading to a flexible, well-trained, and socially conscious pool of employees.


Our Name is Our Guarantee.

TrinityBPO provides the link between worker and client and oversees our workers to create the foundation for your success. At the top of this business triad is the client, so you can focus on your core business processes and primary objectives while we handle your support processes.

Our Mission
To provide customers focused outsourcing services and customizable high-production processes at minimum cost with maximum efficiency and flexibility in order to address the dynamic changes in internet technology.
Our Values

We believe in transparency in all the work that goes on at TrinityBPO. Our system allows for visibility of the work going into your project, so you can easily manage your Filipinno staff members.


We take pride in fairplay and honest competition. Conscientious treatment of all individuals is paramount to our success- the trust and respect we have for our employees are what encourage the confidence that makes our workplace so strong.


We believe that ingenuity is the name of the game. All of us here at TBPO are passionate about what we do, and that is what allows us to be flexible and motivated to go the extra mile.


Each of our team members is hardworking and service-oriented, two triats characteristic of the Filippino culture. Our team members are particularly adept at working as one entity, making your goals their top priority and doing so as efficiently as possible.


At TBPO, we know that time is of the essence. We respect your schedule, so you can rest easy knowing our team is working tirelessly to meet all deadlines.

Our Culture


Here at TBPO, we know that together we achieve so much more than any one person can do. All our staff members are positive and supportive, ultimately creating a highly productive environment.


By tapping into the potential of an emerging workforce, we’re helping shape brighter futures for our workers as well as our clients. All our team members are carefully selected not only for their considerable skill, but also for their passion for learning. Constant improvements and advancement make our culture dynamic and compounds success.


We understand that human connections are at the heart of our business. Our respect for our staff members and clients alike allow us to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our staff members while offering exemplary work to our clients.


Above all else, our commitment is to provide world-class services at competitive prices. We always strive to fulfill our mission and to ensure utmost satisfaction from our clients.

TBPO Cares

In November of 2013, one of the most devastating tropical cyclones ever recorded hit South East Asia. Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, disproportionately affected this country that is so understandably close to our hearts, and our team members jumped into action. In less than a month TrinityBPO’s employees had collected thousands of dollars in donations. Several of our team members personally delivered food and drink items, toiletries, and clothing to victims in and around Pasay City.

Social responsibility is one of TBPO’s greatest values. We know that it is a privilege to work in a country that is home to such kind and hardworking citizens, and we fully support causes that alleviate the country’s suffering and bolster its future. We’re currently involved in maintaining the relationships we made in Pasay City after Typhoon Haiyan and in environmental efforts that will help protect the country against further natural disasters. If you are interested in following our philanthropic journey or would like to personally contribute to the Philippines, please subscribe to our newsletter.