A Pricing System Built for the Needs of Our Clients
We’ll not only meet your expectations- we’ll exceed them. Start your trial today using one of our payment plans. Though we offer different pricing to fulfill the specific needs of your company, our pricing is the most equal structure on the market. Listed below are our base plans and the option to customize your own team.
Common Questions

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves contracting operations and responsibilities of specific business functions to a third party service for strategic and operational advantages.

Why outsource?

Because the advantages of outsourcing have been so numerous for so many companies, it has become more of an industry norm. Outsourcing allows businesses to stay competitive in changing markets by saving time and effort and decreasing operating costs.

How can TBPO help my business?

TBPO helps businesses by using our H.E.A.R.T.- we believe in Honesty, Equality, Adaptability, and Timeliness and use these values to offer ethical and professional services. To read more about our company values, click on our company page.

What are the services offered by TBPO?

We currently offer our clients customer support, data management, e-commerce, graphic design, back office support, content management, transcription, and SEO/SEM. However, because all of our workers are highly skilled and specifically screened for their adaptability, the services we offer are customizable. Don’t see any of the services you need listed on our page? Contact us! Our managers are trainable and in turn can create a team unique to your needs.

How can I make sure my customer database is secure in the hands of TBPO staff members?

Confidentiality and security of customer information are of utmost importance to us. We use powerful software like Norton Antivirus to protect sensitive information and offer complete transparency. Employees are trained to use Firewalls and encryption software and constantly back up work, so information is privately and reliably stored. Easy communication with our teammebers means you can always monitor what is being worked on.

Will the Virtual Assistant working for me work for other clients at the same time?

Each Virtual Assistant (VA) is assigned to a specific team and works for only one client at any given moment.

Does TBPO require long-term contract?

No. We offer a 3 Month Free Trial Period; a Free Month Trial Period will be added for every individual worker after that. If you’re pleased with our services (and we’re pretty confident you will be), you will be able to start annual contracts.

How much do TBPO’s services cost? Is there a Set-Up Fee?

There are no fees required up front. Services start at $799 a month for every Virtual Assistant used; this is a lock-in rate per annual contract. We offer discounts to clients using more than 6 Virtual Assistants.

Will I be able to meet my team?

Yes! We offer one complimentary round trip flight to Manila for all clients using three or more Virtual Assistants in an annual contract. You can meet with your team members and train them in person.

How can I monitor my team?

Our team members are required to turn in daily reports and go through training in order to fulfill the specific requirements of every individual project. Team members also communicate with their manager and each other through internal chat software. If our clients want personal reports from each team member, they can easily use our chat software to communicate with directly. Clients can provide instruction materials and review production/results on a daily basis; if required, TBPO will personally pay for your travel expenses to Manila so you may train your team face-to-face.

Can I set the working hours for my team?

Philippines operates in UTC08:00 so the different time zone offers many opportunities for your business. We don’t have a fixed schedule- we specify shifts according to what you want your team working on and when you want it done. Team members will work night or day shifts- we can accommodate any schedule for any client.

As a client for TBPO, can I give extra benefits or compensation to my team members?

Of course! Additional benefits or bonuses from clients are always welcome as rewards for exemplary service.

How is TBPO different?

We increased productivity to decreased marginal cost. Flexibility and personalization, we care about your business and we respond to your needs. TBPO is different. We build our team as a family.

I want to add more workers- does this extend the Free Trial?

We understand as your business grows your need for more Virtual Assistants will grow as well. We also recognize each additional member added will need some to train and acclimate to his or her new team. Because of this, we offer a 1 Month Free Trial for each additional VA added after the initial 3 Month Free Trial expires.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and pricing.