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Our workforce can adapt to the requirements of any new project. Here are the services our clients are already using:


Customer Service

Our workers offer technical and helpdesk support services, online chat support and email communication, and social media monitoring.


Data Processing

Create a team that can provide shipment tracking and status updates, product entry, feed uploading and updating, and inventory management. Team members can provide document filing, logging, PO entry, and management.



Staff members are trained in market research and general CRM. They are highly skilled in the organization of datasets to create charts and tables and invoice processing.


Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are required to have extensive experience in the creation and/or implementation of visual concepts. They are all extremely proficient in logo, banners, and infographic design and Photoshop.



Let our workers help you increase web traffic with site optimization. They’ll focus on creating on editing specific content, keyword and link management.


Back Office Support

Use our workers as tools for personal and general administrations assistance, appointment scheduling; they’ll assist with encoding, proofreading, and editing.


Content Management

TBPO can help present a better face for your company through web design and management. Our teammembers can boost your reputation through social media development and management.



Create a team that will take the responsibility of video and audio transcriptions off your hands. Teammembers will be facilitate communication and understanding through transcription of interviews, conferences, meetings, speeches, and more.


Operations Expansion

Using our team members will allow you broaden your reach and increase the running of operations. The time difference in the Philippines provides opportunities for 24 hour support networks and doubling productivity.

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