Our Leadership Team
Meet the leaders who direct all of TBPO’s employees into executing its goals and vision. Made up of dynamic thinkers with a wide range of skills, these individuals work tirelessly to find and develop the best talents out there and to deliver exceptional service.



With a BS in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University, Justin has accomplished some pretty impressive feats. He specializes in a wide range of skills, from Management Information Systems to Business and Visual Programming. Justin’s extensive experience in the business world has culminated in building Golfio, Inc., an online company that has achieved 1 million orders in its ten years of operation and just last year raked in $20 million dollars in revenue. His vision for TBPO is even more ambitious- and with the TBPO leadership team that he has meticulously selected, success is a guarantee.

When he isn’t being ruled over by his two daughters and wife and running multiple companies, Justin enjoys spending time on the golf range.



Account Manager

A self-taught individual, Ernie realized early in life that schools are not the only factor in learning. While impatiently pursuing a course in Electrical Engineering, he decided to join the workforce and tried his luck into doing online business. He has years of technical experience at several innovative companies and continues to thrive with all the challenges that come along. Not only did he work as an SCM Director at Kiiboo and in the Research Department of Samsung Electronics in different capacities but he also held several positions in other companies such as ICT and Maritz Research. He’s also into online business on eBay during his free time.

Ernie is not only into travelling and nature exploration but he also loves recreational outdoor activities such as hiking with family and friends, whitewater rafting, kayaking, fishing, zip-lining, among others. In as much as he loves other sports such as skateboarding, basketball has always been his favorite since he was a young kid.



Operation Manager

Jhune has a BS in Business Administration and has spent most his professional career in the field of Manufacturing Industry. It brings 21 years of experience in Management Operations and General Administration, including experience in Purchasing, Import/Export, Warehouse and Human Resources.



Business Unit Head

Nat has completed his courses on Architecture and Design Technology, as well as Computer Networking and Repair, and has attended seminars and training workshops on effective supervisory management. His extensive experience in web content development and graphics design and his passion for Programming PHP, HTML, and web scripting really place him a cut above the rest.

Before Nat signed away his soul to the Internet Gods, he studied Architectural Drafting and worked as a Sign Artist. He soon discovered the increasing demand in the IT industry and taught himself Web and Graphic Design, quickly making a name for himself as one of the most creative and hardworking talents at TBPO. He loves playing MMO games and watching movies, and traveling the world with his family is at the top of his bucket list. Nat is fascinated by psychology; you can often find him reading articles about leadership and personality development. Let’s hope this self-taught brainiac doesn’t set his sights for global leadership- who knows how long it would take him to conquer the world.

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